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  1. Not Your Type
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Produced,Engineered, and Mixed by-Hanan Rubinstein which features:
Hanan Rubinstein- guitars and synths
David Cutler-Bass
Roberto H. Robinson Jr-Drums
Damon Grant-Percussion
Chris Palmaro- Piano
Mastered by- The Grammy Award Winning: Emily Lazar (The Lodge Mastering) and assisted by Chris Allgood
I wrote this song for everyone who felt like they should change themselves for someone they love, their family, friends, or even society! This song promotes self-love and acceptance for all communities, ethnicities, religions, sexualities and genders! And as a huge human rights activist, I would like to take half of the single's earnings and donate it to the Human Rights Campaign! Please buy to donate for a great cause and share for a better world!