This Jersey girl with Brazilian roots was only three years old when her father gave her the gift that would forever change her life, a guitar. Although she did not know it yet, that moment became the catalyst for her passion for music. Her parents recognized the raw talent in her and immediately signed her up for music lessons, which exposed her to many genres that would later influence her as a singer/songwriter and musician.

Growing up came with its challenges when she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder that further changed her life. Tatiana turned to music and family to gear up for battle during this debilitating phase. Coming face to face with the reality that life is infinite and precious, Tatiana did not shy away from the pain but immersed herself in her songwriting and brought it to a deeper level of profoundly meaningful lyrics and gut-wrenching truth.

In 2007, Tatiana released her first album independently titled “Wake Up.” A few years later, she moved from New Jersey to New York to attend Marymount in New York City. There, she studied Communications and Theatre Arts further fueling her passion and polishing her craft to communicate artistically beyond music. It is during this time that she released the single “Not Your Type” in 2016.

With the eclectic influences from music giants such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Freddy Mercury, Gloria Estefan, Shakira and Sergio Mendes, Tatiana defines her own style as pop rock with Brazilian/Latin roots. Her music is edgy, is passionate, and most of all, is honest. Tatiana’s raw vocal powerhouse talent places her right along with those who have influenced her. Paired with her songwriting prowess, Tatiana is paving the way to a solid future as a singer/songwriter.

Through her own health struggle, Tatiana is intuitively aware of the struggles of others around her and has become very passionate about human rights. She uses her artistic platform to voice her belief that “everyone regardless of religion, sexuality, gender, and race is entitled to dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence.”

Her songwriting is fueled by personal growth, self-discovery and acceptance as a result from her passion for human rights. Tatiana’s unique songwriting voice attracted Trista Records (a sister company of Magnus Records) who asked her to come on board as a songwriter for its signed artists.

Tatiana has performed at numerous venues and events, in the U.S., Brazil and Spain. Some including the Hoboken International Film Festival, Brazilian Day in Newark, and as a featured artist on Telemundo TV: Las Comadres con Gloria B. Five of her original songs have been featured in the independent film, “The Three Chris.” As a notable accomplishment, one of her original songs was submitted to American Idol for the Finale Song in its final season and made the top 20 out of 25,000 entries. Tatiana has worked with producer, Hanan Rubinstein (Birdie Studios, Alicia Keys, and Rita Ora), Mario Sebastian & Erben Perez (JLo and Marc Anthony) and Drew Yowell (MTV Networks).  

She has shared the stage with Erben Perez and Mario Sebastian (Marc Anthony and JLo band), Brazilian artists Fagner, and Claudia Leitte, Hanan Rubinstein (Alicia Keys and Rita Ora’s band), and T.S. Monk (Thelonious Monk’s son), among others.

With her new album, Tatiana wants to tell the world that “no matter what circumstances you are in, you have the ability to overcome it and move forward! Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.” Her main goal is to reach as many people in the world with her music in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.